Final Week

This afternoon I did my last shift at Helens house and thus concluded the work that me and Dan began at the start of this semester.  It was certainly a time for much reflection (a reflection which will be expanded upon in my final paper for this class).  The most profound lesson that I take from this internship is the amazing breadth of knowledge and problem solving talents required of anyone who makes their career in city government.  While not even close to the most glamorous or most well known form of government (I myself did not know of the office of Alderman until I took this internship) the office of Alderman nonetheless carries with it immense responsibilities. In her day to day work Helen could be tasked with anything from laying down speed bumps on roads, to having streetlamps installed on the streets of Uptown, to dealing with constituent complaints and grievances in regards to various civil services.  All of this had to be done in conjunction with designing and debating policies that affected all citizens in our nations third largest city including CTA policy, educational rights for parents, and even policies pertaining to the prevention of rape and sexual assault.  In all these and many other encounters have left me with a much deeper and more nuanced appreciation of city governance than I ever could have imagined, and have formed an experience that I will not easily forget.


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